Century Home Renovation

JCG Carpentry has been part of many renovations in this turn of the century family home in Guelph, ON.  This home had been broken up into a multiple unit rental, and JCG Carpentry helped restore it to its original charm and beauty. Beginning with the addition of a built in entertainment unit in their living room in 2002 and ending with a whole home renovation in 2017 there are few places in this house JCG Carpentry hasn’t touched. The front porch addition in 2009 removed a poorly built enclosed mudroom from the front of the home and replaced it with a new, covered porch in keeping with the home’s time period. The most recent scope of work involved a complete basement, first, and second floor renovation including 3 new bathrooms, a new kitchen, and updated mechanical systems throughout the home. This home was recently featured in Our Homes magazine, for more information read the article.