“I have been happily using JCG Carpentry for years as I slowly transformed my house from an abused broken down multiplex back to its original single family historical dwelling. Jeff meticulously built my period appropriate front porch and managed to incorporate the strict bylaws required in Guelph for modern porches. I have a skylight in my porch roof that is not visible from the street but allows so much lovely light into my deep, comfy and historically accurate design. Never had a leak and have not had to do any maintenance other than paint - and that was 10 years ago! The porch immediately improved the street value of my home and made a massive difference to its overall appeal.

Next he completely renovated my basement from a den of despair to an incredibly well laid out and multipurpose space - my kids love the basement now! It's dry, warm, practical and has so many fun features (my daughter loves to hang out in the lit cubby under the stairs!)

Having a functional basement is great because it gives me a bit more space on the amazingly restored main floor with open concept kitchen. It was quite a feat to work within the confirms of the space, but the result was incredible. All 5 of my family members can be in the kitchen and work together - it's beautifully harmonious and the workmanship was first class.

The second floor was also totally redone by Jeff and his team so that I can now enjoy all the modern amenities of a en-suite bathroom while still holding onto the fundamental historical qualities of my home.

My home was recently featured in Homes Magazine and you can find pictures of it here:


I can't recommend Jeff Geard highly enough!!”

Jane Watson